>Invited lectures for CIP MIATEC 2017

The committees chose a relevant scientists in the field of plasma processes, magnetron ion processing & arc technologies... they found interesting to invite to present their work in plenary session or invited talks.

Invitations are ongoing so the provisional list will be enriched gradually.

 Plenary speakers

From one to three dimensional nanostructures by vacuum and plasma assisted methods

Dr. Ana Isabel Borrás Martos
Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Sevilla CSIC, ES

Atmospheric pressure PECVD for solar energy conversion

Prof. Françoise Massines
PROMES, Univ. Perpignan, FR


Fundamental Properties of TM Nitrides: Materials Design Strategies for Extreme Properties

Prof. Dr. Joseph E. Greene 
Illinois Univ., Urbana, USA / Linköping Univ, SE /
National Taiwan Univ., Taipei, TW


Understanding the effect of plasma surface charging on the catalytic surface activation of CO2 from quantum chemical modeling

Prof. Dr. Erik C. Neyts
PLASMANT, Univ. Antwerp, BE


Self-organisation phenomenon in magnetron sputtering plasmas

Dr. Ante Hecimovic
Ruhr-Univ. Bochum, DE



 Invited speakers

Thin film growth dynamics probed by real-time diagnostics

Grégory Abadias 
Institut P', Univ. Poitiers, FR


Physical and chemical effects of self pulsing discharge generated in liquids

Franta Krcma
Brno Univ. of Technology, CZ


Gasless sputtering - a source of dense metal plasma

Joakim Andersson 
Uppsala Univ., SE


Influence of argon dielectric barrier discharges on degradable ethyl lactate plasma polymers

Gaétan Laroche
LIS, Laval Univ., Québec, CA


Pulsed Laser Deposition : a flexible tool for the synthesis of advanced functional materials

Mohamed Chaker
INRS, Varennes, Québec, CA


Interaction of Cold Atmospheric Pressure Plasma with Polymers and Biomolecules

Gottlieb S. Oehrlein
IREAP, Univ. of Maryland,  College Park, USA


The role of vibrational kinetics in pulsed discharge

Gianpiero Colonna
Institute of Inorganic Methodologies and Plasmas, CNR, Bari, IT


Experimental and numerical investigations of glow discharge plasmas for sputter deposition in superconducting RF cavities

Thibaut Richard
Swiss Plasma Center, EPFL, Lausanne, CH

From hard coatings to optimized cutting tools

Abdou Djouadi
Institut des Materiaux Jean Rouxel, Nantes, FR


Understanding some aspects of RF driven negative hydrogen ion sources for fusion by means of diagnostics

Loic Schiesko
Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik, Garching, DE

Composition of the gas phase and sputtering mode controls the local chemistry and structure of reactively sputter-deposited ZnO based thin films

David Horwat
Institut Jean Lamour, Lorraine Univ., FR


Electric field measurements in atmospheric pressure plasmas

Ana Sobota
Dep. of Applied Physics, Eindhoven Univ. of Technology, NL


Semiconducting Oxide and Sulphide Thin Films Deposited by Reactive High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering

Zdenek Hubička
Division of Optics, Institute of Physics, Prague, CZ


Plasma Conversion to Electrify Chemical Industry

Gerard van Rooij
Dep. of Applied Physics, Eindhoven Univ. of Technology, NL


Technology specifications for large area industrial PVD coatings

Andriy Kharchenko
Saint Gobain Recherche, Aubervilliers, FR






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