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 The European Physical Journal - Applied Physics (EPJ AP)

Special Issue on “Plasma Sources and Plasma Processes”

The International Colloquium on Plasma Processes (CIP) focuses on the latest developments in plasma processing science and technology. The Magnetron, Ion processing and Arc Technologies European Conference (MIATEC) promotes the discussion about thin film growth techniques and processes, including characterisation, diagnostics, numerical simulation and applications.

The European Physical Journal – Applied Physics (EPJ-AP), organizes a Special Issue (SI) on “Plasma Sources and Plasma Processes” (PSPP) to publish a selection of different original contributions (invited, keynotes, oral and posters) to these conferences.

The papers of the SI-PSPP will be subjected to a peer-review process, coordinated by:

  • L.L. Alves (Associate Editor EPJ-AP)
  • T. Belmonte (Guest Editor, Chair LOC CIP)
  • T. Minea (Guest Editor, Chair LOC CIP)

Publication format

  • For general contributors, a 4 page limit is imposed
  • For invited speakers, a 6-10 page limit is recommended

Submission process

  1. all contributors to the CIP-MIATEC conferences are invited to submit a paper and check the box "I want to apply for my work publication... in EPJ AP".  
  2. The manuscripts must be submitted electronically through the website of EPJ-AP, following the policy and instructions of the journal. LINK HERE >


  • The deadline for paper submission is June 30
  • The tentative publication date for the SI-PSPP is January 2018. 





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