Short courses

Courses on plasma science and technology will be delivered for three half-days prior to the CIP-MIATEC’2017 Conference.

These introductory courses will span topics ranging from basics of plasma physics and plasma surface interactions to plasma assisted deposition and etching processes, including their application in microelectronics, micro-nanotechnology, biomaterials and biosensors.


An introduction to non-equilibrium gas discharges

Kinga Kutasi
Institute for Solid State Physics & Opics, Wigner RCP of the HAS, HU



Evaluation and control of the tribo-mechanical properties of vapor-deposited coatings and thin films

Etienne Bousser
Univ. Manchester, UK

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Stress evolution during thin film growth

Grégory Abadias
Institut P', Univ. Poitiers, FR

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Plasma diagnostics: a multi-purpose tool box to get plasma parameters

Gérard Henrion
IJL, Univ. Lorraine, CNRS, Nancy, FR


Plasma chemistry, plasma surface interaction, and thin film deposition in PECVD

Jan Benedikt
Ruhr-Univ. Bochum, DE


Magnetrons - case study of magnetized plasmas

Tiberiu Minea
LPGP, Univ. Paris Sud, Orsay, FR






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