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The CIP-MIATEC 2017 join conference will construct the Scientific program around 11 topics defined by the Scientific Committtees in order to cover the largest field possible. These topics and keywords will be used for the abstract submission.




1 Plasma sources and electrical discharges Pulsed plasmas, HiPIMS, modular plasmas, advanced reactors…  
2 Plasma and process modeling Micro-discharges, Plasma jets, microwave microplasmas, Molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo methods, CFD approaches  
3 Plasma diagnostics and plasma processes -  
4 Plasma-deposited protective and tribological coatings -  
5 Plasma-deposited coatings for optical, electronical and other functionalities Thermal, optical, electrical and other functional properties of plasma deposited thin films, micro and nanoscaled functional materials…  
6 Plasma for surface engineering Surface treatment of polymers, glass, metals, micro and nano-structuration, functionalization  
7 Plasma for the life sciences and agriculture Biocompatibility antimicrobial coatings, sterilization, functionalization of biomaterial surfaces, immobilization of biomolecules…  
8 Plasma and nanoscience Nanoparticles, nano-object, nanoarchitectures,
self-assembly, MEMS, NEMS
9 Plasma for solar energy conversion and environmental applications -  
10 Plasma and liquids Plasma Electrolytic Treatments, Submerged arcs, Laser in liquids  
11 Industrial plasma - Hot topics New R&D plasma processing  





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